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Data-driven digital marketing strategy

Consumer data is at the heart of our digital marketing strategy here at Growth Media. Top Digital Marketing Firm In Toronto, Canada collects and analyzes large volumes of information from different digital touchpoints to develop actionable insights and a data-driven marketing strategy. We help you answer crucial questions, including:

Nowadays Businesses have been using email as part of their marketing efforts for a long time because they provide more opportunities than you might think. Let Growth Media help you make your emails better, more personalized, and more profitable.

Our affiliate management services offer complete support right from setting up the program on your website to connecting your affiliate program with the right audience.

Are negative reviews hurting your business? Let the Growth Media team discreetly repair your online reputation. Whether it is pushing down negative search results, removing bad reviews from websites, or monitoring your brand reputation online, we have tailored Online Reputation Management (ORM) solutions for you.

We help you generate greater ROI using retargeting ads that target your audience just about anywhere they might go online. Now gain more brand traction and increased conversions rate with our retargeting solutions for search, display, and social media Ads.

We help brands optimize the digital experience they provide customers at every step of their buying journey, across multiple digital platforms. From landing page design, content, to ad copies and visuals, we conduct multiple experiments using the Contract Research Organization (CRO) tools to improve overall conversion rates on your website.

Is traditional marketing becoming less effective for your business? Let Growth Media Strategy help you create a unique content marketing strategy that mainly focuses on identifying content ideas that resonate with your target audience, as well as distribute them through platforms that create meaningful conversations and drive action on your business.

Do you know whether your marketing goal is providing you with the results you desire? We can help you understand your marketing data and compare it against the Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) that matter the most for you. Now understand your digital marketing performance like a pro and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Is your website driving expected leads? Are you getting enough sales opportunities? Do you have proper engagement on your website? Do you have the right tracking codes on your website? If not, then it’s time to conduct a complete digital marketing audit of your website. Let Growth Media assess your web performance and identify your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities that will place you on the map.

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