Growth Media Strategy | Create Landing Pages that Convert Website Visitors into Customers
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Create Landing Pages that Convert Website Visitors into Customers

Are you receiving steady traffic on your website, but find that your offers are not converting? Your website visitors see your offers, but aren’t showing interest in the form of clicking on your links or purchasing your products. There is a clear drop-off happening when people are reaching your site. You’re bringing in leads, but the sale isn’t happening.


However, with the right structure and considerations in place on your website, you can increase the likelihood of converting your website visitors. These are 3 key ways to optimize your website so that you avoid the gap between traffic and conversion.


1. Your website must function properly on mobile devices

Many of your website visitors will be coming from a mobile device, so your website must be responsive, meaning it works the same on a smartphone or tablet as it does on a desktop. Otherwise, you risk losing a majority of web traffic. By maintaining a responsive design, your customers can find you and your products easily from any number of devices. Check your site regularly to make sure everything is working as it should. If not, dedicate some time to making repairs.


2. Your website must have a hierarchy of information

The structure of your website should be set up in a way where the most important information is most dominant. From there, your content should be structure in order of mid importance to least importance. You can guide your website visitors through a flow of content and make navigation easy. Your information must be clear and easy to find, all links must work and images must load properly. Focus on relevant, concise information in an easy-to-digest format, like a bulleted list or an infographic. Headlines and taglines are great ways to give readers just enough information to make them want to keep reading.


3. There must be alignment between your traffic source and your offer

When your email campaign or pay per click campaign matches your website content and is aligned with your offer, you have a much better chance of converting visitors into customers. Also, to avoid a high bounce rate, it’s a high priority that your website match the overall style and feel of your brand. For example, a site for a day spa should invoke a calm, restorative feeling to its audience, not use loud colors and flashy graphics that remind them of a dance club. This would lead to confusion. Your content should be used to convey what your company is all about.


Bio: Naomi Lantzman is an entrepreneur, as well as an author, speaker, and marketing consultant. She has taught 100+ college courses on marketing and design and loves diving into projects with purpose. Naomi lives in Tampa, FL with her husband and two beautiful children. For more information, visit

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