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Growth Media Strategy’s Online Digital Audit is meant to inspect all business strategies, practices, and their consequent results. Most businesses invest a lot in their online presence to improve their customer relationship and experience. 

It’s important to know whether those strategies are working as they should, if not, what needs to change or/and improve. This simply will tell you what you’re doing wrong and how to do it right.  As such, we will create a plan for you with ROI in mind.

All our implementation strategies will look into your company’s situation so that the plan will be bespoke to your needs and doable.  

In this package, You’ll get : 

Website Audit

The Report leverages Google PageSpeed Insights to assess your website for: Mobile responsiveness, Content, Load speed. Local businesses need a mobile-friendly site that delivers the information people seek in order to make buying decisions.

SEO Audit

The Report identifies how your website’s organic keyword performance stacks up against your competitors’. Compare: Keyword overlap, Number of keywords, Monthly clicks, Monthly value of clicks. Local businesses need to own popular keywords to ensure potential customers find them before their competitors.

Social Media Audit

The Report pits your social presence against that of similar businesses in regards to: Number of posts, Size of audience. Local businesses must keep their followers engaged to grow their audience and build brand loyalty. Grow your engagement, grow your audience.

Grow your engagement, grow your audience.

We help businesses climb to the top spot.

This is a report built based on the assessment of your business’s online marketing performance.

We will be looking at all areas of your digital marketing efforts like your Business Listing, Website, Social Media, Reviews, Digital Advertising, and SEO.

This Online Digital audit includes detailed instructions and relevant online resources so you can implement measures yourself or give the report to your internal or external digital team to work through. Growth Media Strategy can do the implementation for you but the audit reports are written as self-contained documents.

Choose Your Pricing Plan

Flexible Pricing Plan

A Digital Marketing Audit reviews all your digital activity to date and gives you the necessary information to create actionable, effective and logical solutions to enhance your digital performance.

    $ Basic  

    • 3 Page Website
    • Hosting & Maintenance
    • Listing Sync Pro
    • Google Analytics Integration
    • Free - Social Media Kit

    $ Standard  

    • 5 Page Website
    • Hosting & Maintenance
    • Listing Sync Pro
    • SEO
    • Advanced Reporting
    • Google Analytics Integration
    • Free - Social Media Kit, Brand Guide, Ad Management

    $ Premium  

    • 10 page Advanced Website
    • eCommerce (up to 25 Products)
    • Hosting & Maintenance
    • Listing Sync Pro
    • Advanced Reporting
    • Google Analytics Integration
    • SEO
    • Free - Social Media Kit, Business Card, Presentation Folder, Brochure, Ad Magagement, Brand Guide

Note: Price Excludes Tax PST and GST 11%.

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