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Growth Media Strategy is a market agency that specializes in generating client leads online for a variety of businesses and industries including law firms. Our team are experts in implementing marketing strategies and utilizing current trends that will benefit your firm. We will work with you to increase your client base.

How Digital Marketing can Grow your Firm

If you had a plumbing issue at your office you wouldn’t ask one of the partners to fix it. You would call a plumber. A trained plumber would expertly fix the problem and save you and your co-workers time and stress. 

For many years, firms like yours have tried to handle their online marketing in house with mediocre to poor results. It is time to hire a trained expert! We will save you time and stress and generate leads and clients for your firm.

You Do You

By partnering with a marketing agency like ours, you will be freed up to focus on your firm and your clients. At the same time we will focus on you: our client. We will grow your online presence, improve your public visibility and increase your client base. 

While you are closing cases we will be finding you more cases. We will do this by ensuring your website is easily found and navigated by potential clients. We will make your site and social media presence appealing and familiar to a relevant online audience. Most importantly, we will work to ensure you are known and respected in your preferred market by your target clients. 

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Getting your Website (and Firm) to the Top of the Pack

An increase in the number of people entering the practice of law has naturally increased competition between lawyers and firms. We know it is important for your firm to take on a steady flow of cases and to appear superior to the competition. 

Studies show clients perform extensive online research before contacting any law office. That’s why having a current, appealing website is essential. Having a professional site for your law firm builds trust and reliability in your prospects and client. We will design and develop a site for you that will increase online traffic and lead to clients inside the doors of your building. 

We will compare your current site with your competitor’s and consider all the factors in giving you an edge on the competition. We will hone your brand and ensure your website clearly portrays the vision and intention of your firm. We will make you stand out by adding quality images, content and design.

Content Is King

96% of people use a search engine to seek legal advice before contacting an attorney. That means content matters. Our team can partner with you to create quality content and present it in language your potential clients will understand. 

Getting your Firm Out There

We will help you to advertise effectively on all possible channels. We will help you determine your target audience and then create a marketing plan that includes any and all of the following venues: pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, social media usage, and AdWords. 

It might seem daunting to determine what is most effective and necessary for your firm but we will be with you every step of the way. You tell us what you want to achieve and we will make a plan to get you there.

Make new clients, Keep the old…

Your firm already has a great client base and we don’t want them to be scared away by drastic changes to your website or media image. We are committed to making changes slowly in a controlled and systematic way that you and your clients will be comfortable with. 

Working For Your Very Best

We use a broad and extensive approach to digital marketing. We cover all the bases: a better website, compelling copy, effective keywords, superior use of social platforms and a strong brand. We work hard to ensure your firm makes a strong and confident impression on clients and the general public. When you look good, we look good. 

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    How Digital Marketing can Grow your Firm