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    What is the Snapshot Report?

    The Snapshot Report will give you an in-depth overview of how you stack up against your competition in your industry. Our analysis will offer details on how you can improve your digital marketing efforts and how to be highly successful online.

    When it comes to digital marketing, quality over quantity makes your brand more personable in the long run. We live in the age of transparency, and consumers crave authenticity. Video is the highest quality content by user preference and therefore provides the greatest reach. Keep testing, checking and asking consumers what they think. It pays off with quality engagement and loyal consumers.

    Take more time to generate less content. Quality over quantity is a must in a time where consumers are getting bombarded with content from competing brands. Focus less on competition and more on your consumers and the conversations you’re having. Then, you will become a force for innovation and change. Your consumers will trust your brand because it’s transparent and authentic.
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    On average your customers spend more time online than they do at work every single week. We won’t just show you how to be an industry leader, but we will show you how your marketing $$$ and competitors marketing $$$ can be used to your advantage.

    Grow Business

    Over 85% of consumers search online before even setting foot in a store. We will look at 3 areas in regards to your business listings; listing presence, listing accuracy, and data provider accuracy.

    Grow Business

    People conduct more than 3.5 billion searches online every day. How do you make sure that they see your business? With SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we will share important tactics on how to boost your visibility in those search results so that people find you before your competitors.

    Grow Business

    Studies have shown that you have only 8 seconds to influence a customer on your website. We will show you what’s most important to potential customers and how your website experience influences their buying decisions.

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    There are over 3 billion social media users in the world. It’s were they are and shouldn’t your business be there too. We will dive into your social presence from your potential customers point of view and give insights on what they have to say.

    Grow Business

    88% of online shoppers consider reviews when making a buying decision. Most businesses fall in to 1 of 3 categories. We will show you how to take advantage of the conversations people are having about you and also how to get more.

    Areas Of Focus
    In the end, you create a more personable brand with a measurable and beneficial impact in the world. What’s better than that?
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    Growth Media offers a fully managed marketing department at your fingertips. The Client Portal Gives you a single login to access all of your products, solutions and statistics all in one place. With a weekly or monthly executive report showing progress and performance.