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8 Must-Have Productivity Apps to Track Your Business Growth

productivity app for business Growth

In today’s competitive business environment, stay productive and efficiently manage tasks with top productivity apps. Find the perfect app for your business growth in our comprehensive guide.

Scheduling meetings and organizing day-to-day work seems burdensome on the mind. Luckily, productive apps are available online, making productivity easier. With tech-driven applications, you’ll be able to manage day-to-day business tasks and save plenty of time to focus on satisfying customers and growing your business. 

However, you get countless applications and tools with a quick click on the search engine. A couple of them exactly match your business requirement. Picking up the right one seems confusing because of numerous relatable searches.

That’s why we’ve selected some of the top productive apps and software that help to stay productive in a hugely competitive environment. Read the complete guide to spot the best app for your business needs.

What Are Productivity Applications?

Productivity apps are simply software designed to run the business efficiently. These applications and software are crucial in managing daily business tasks and reaching goals faster.

Importance of Using Productivity Apps Tracking Business Growth

Business entrepreneurs have to manage dozens of tasks every day. The majority of tasks were handled by employees, which is time-consuming. Moreover, accuracy in business matters a lot. One wrong input and your whole business will be affected. However, with productivity apps, you’ll achieve the following.

  • Keep business collaboration smooth.
  • Make everyday tasks super easy and manageable
  • Keep track of late submissions
  • Improve team diversity
  • Facilitate online and remote work
  • Automate scheduling and meetings
  • Identify loose ends of businesses
  • Track real-time business progress
  • Organize teams and keep everyone updated at the same time
  • Access to multiple cross-platforms 
  • Easing reporting and analysis
  • Streamline conversion tracking
  • Record invoices on time
  • Ensure better consumer support
  • Answer customers’ queries quickly.

Why Should You Use Productivity Apps for Business Growth?

Productivity applications help improve business efficiency. Several available applications excel at task management, time management, and team collaboration. 

Here are some more benefits of using business productivity apps-

  • Save Time 

Time management matters a lot for business productivity. Without productivity apps, many businesses cannot use their time properly due to distractions. However, with productivity applications, you can set a time for a project to stay on time. Moreover, it also helps to avoid distractions. 

  • Automate Repetitive Tasks

Nothing is more annoying than drafting the same emails and completing the same tasks repeatedly. Thanks to the productivity applications that help to automate repeated tasks with smart templates and scheduled reminders. 

  • Streamline Operations 

With the help of productivity applications, you can easily design projects, manage workflows, and track the time to complete the projects. Also, with productivity software, you can easily handle day-to-day activities.

  • Facilitate Remote Work

The productivity applications help facilitate remote work and collaborate with teams doing work from home. 

8 Must-Have Productivity Apps to Track Your Business Growth

Now that you know the importance of productivity apps, here are some top picks which you can use to track your business growth. 

ProofHub is a great app for remote teams, freelancers, enterprises, and small businesses. The app helps to track progress, organize meetings, collaborate with individuals, and helps deliver work smartly and efficiently.


  • Kanban Board
  • Custom roles
  • Custom reports
  • Notes 
  • Files 
  • Timesheet 
  • Discussion 
  • Chat
  • Gantt Chart 


  • Boost business outcomes 
  • Helps to deliver the project on time
  • Manage team faster 
  • Simple interface 

How Does It Work?

ProofHub provides a quick overview of people, projects, and tasks and lets you make announcements. This also lets you break down the task into subtasks to finish on time. Moreover, this app lets you easily make custom project templates and live chat with team workers to know the report. 

  • Slack

Slack is one of the best team-collaborating cloud-based software. With this productivity app, you can schedule meetings and organize all aspects of projects quickly. Slack allows you to get a clear picture of the projects, track important delivery dates, and allow you to achieve all milestones.


  • File sharing
  • Time Messaging 
  • Scheduler 
  • Chat and communication 
  • Broad integrations directory 
  • Real-time team coordination 


  • It helps to coordinate the team and communicate in one place 
  • A User-friendly interface can easily interact with any other app.
  • Helps to keep your project within budget and allows you to finish on time.

How Does It Work?

It’s a cloud-based software that comes in two versions, free and paid. It helps to collaborate with a team and send emails continually. Businesses can also set different project statuses to notify employees and workers when they are on a meeting, vacation, etc. It provides numerous integrations such as Dropbox and Workspace. Twitter and Zoom. The app allows you to automate workflow tasks to stay productive. 

  • Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking app useful for organizing day-to-day business tasks. This app can accommodate large and small teams. Moreover, Evernote helps organize everything through clipped images, text notes, and PDFs.


  • File management 
  • Note-taking
  • Web clipper for designing articles, web pages, and more 


  • Coordinate teams in one place 
  • Design web pages and articles 
  • Sync calendar to remind important dates and meetings 

How Does It Work?

Evernote comes with a free and basic plan. This app allows businesses to add voice messages and record different business ideas. Evernote allows you to sync meeting calendars, create a to-do list, clip web pages, and set meeting reminders. 

  • GoogleDrive

Google Drive is one of the excellent office suite apps for information sharing and business collaboration. This application from Google allows you to store files, contact teams, and other aspects of businesses.


  • Google Calendar 
  • Hangouts 
  • File manager 


  • Instant data sharing 
  • Quick connectivity 
  • Schedule meeting calendar 
  • Free storage space 

How Does It Work?

Businesses can sign-up for a Google account to access Google Drive. The application provides cloud space to store documents and manage Google Calendar. However, you must have a strong internet connection to operate Google Drive. 15 GB of free space is available, but you can purchase more to store documents.

  • Trello

Trello is a flexible way to manage business tasks, organize meetings, and streamline project teams. This app provides task management features and offers exclusive, scalable project management that lets you organize businesses. Most importantly, that app is super-easy to operate and entirely free to use.


  • Project management 
  • Task management 
  • Kanban process 


  • This helps to assign project tasks 
  • You can leave comments and add attachments
  • Connect productive apps such as Microsoft Teams, Slacks, and Google Workspace.
  • Create single boards for individual projects

How Does It Work?

Trello has advanced task management boards. It comes with a simple drag-and-drop method with which you can easily coordinate with team members. Moreover, you can easily set priorities and assign tasks easily. 

  • RescueTime

RescueTime is a great time management app for managing and tracking Windows, computer activities, and websites visited. This helps to know how much time you spend on necessary actions and work. 


  • Phone Calls
  • Measuring Breaks 
  • Meetings Scheduler 
  • On-Screen reminder 
  • Website blocking features 


  • Helps to monitor computer activities offline and online
  • Let you track the time you spend on phone calls and meetings.
  • The app allows you to check unproductive and productive days.
  • The app also helps to stay focused on the task by blocking distracting websites and unauthorized activities.

How Does It Work?

This app is a completely automated time-tracking application specifically designed to keep companies in control and track how employees spend time on activities and other tasks. It works on Screen Time, iOS, and Windows. Moreover, you get storage space to store files and other things. 

  • OnePager Pro

OnePager Pro is Gantt Chart and timeline software that tracks multiple-project reports using Project Online, Microsoft Project, and Project Server data. This app helps to coordinate teams and empowers project managers to streamline spreadsheets and project files into a graphical format. 


  • Project timeline tracking 
  • Gantt charts 
  • Task Management
  • Agile methodologies
  • Project scheduling and planning 


  • OnePager Pro allows one to make project presentations 
  • It helps to report projects with accuracy
  • It helps to build project presentations 
  • It helps to make project reports and on-time tracking

How Does It Work?

OnePage Pro is a data-driven project reporting app that is convenient to use and speeds up your project management processing to save time. The app lets you communicate with the team and present projects effectively. 

  • Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the best social media management platform that lets you manage social media profiles on multiple channels. With Hootsuite, your business marketing team can easily manage social media activities on numerous platforms and track viewer engagement. 


  • Automatic scheduling 
  • Performance reporting
  • Social media monitoring
  • Basic task management
  • Social media post planning 
  • Syndicating social posts 


  • Hootsuite helps to schedule, find, manage, and report social media content 
  • It helps to curate social media content 
  • This lets you automate your social media posting across various social media platforms.
  • This helps to share valuable insights and track campaigns 

How Does It Work?

Hootsuite is a reliable social media management company and has a user-friendly interface. The tool is designed to automate accounting and save time you waste tracking and managing social network channels. 

In A Nutshell…

With endless productivity apps out on Google, choosing the best application that addresses all your business demands is vital. The apps also help to reduce distractions and save plenty of time. Above this, businesses require less labor force to run business. 

We hope this list will help you pick up the right productive tool to maximize your benefit and track business tasks more smoothly.

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