What Are The Four Pillars For Building A Personal Brand?

four pillars for building a personal brand

In the modern business world, budding entrepreneurs and experts establish themselves as a brand. It’s no surprise personal branding has always been linked with businesses and marketing. A personal brand is the future of your business and something you should develop. 

However, many entrepreneurs often confuse marketing and branding in businesses. Well, “marketing is like approaching someone for a date. But branding is why they accept the proposal”.

Personal branding signifies who you are, your skills, your uniqueness, and your identity. So, what a personal brand is if it’s not about strong social media presence and content?

With all your concern, here are four pillars of personal brand that helps to know the core of influencer business.

  • Purpose: Direction and Identity 

A personal brand has a purpose to start. The purpose shows the deepest dimensions of why and who we are here. When creating a personal brand, your thoughts set the pillar upon which your business stands.

Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself to identify the purpose. 

  • Why have you started your business?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What services do you want to serve your clientele?
  • What values do you provide to the customer that supports the vision and mission of your business?

You must possess clarity, vision, and a revenue generation model at the core of influencer business and branding. In simpler terms, you must have a business model, meaning, direction, and belief to combine it. 

Without this, it seems like throwing arrows in the dark, and you don’t know where it hits. Even if you are doing digital marketing to build a brand personality, ensure you have goals and ideas for your desired outcome. 

For instance, if you want to establish yourself as the strongest cosmetics brand, gain deep motivation and future plans. In short, it sets the purpose of where you want to see your business and why you have created a separate cosmetic brand when there are already so many stands in the market.

Once you have purpose and values, you will likely take action to reach goals. Setting a benchmark also helps to stay productive, motivated, and focused. 

  • Brand Clarity: Strengths & Expertise

The second pillar for building a personal brand is strength and expertise. Personal branding is about showing yourself as an expert in today’s world. When doing a brand campaign, a lot of digital marketing agency works on showcasing you as an expert in something. 

To make it clear, let’s think this way:

  • What type of expertise do you have?
  • Why do customers interact with you?
  • What are your core strengths and abilities?
  • What makes you more experienced than your competitors?
  • What type of problems are you solving? 

To make the strengths, capabilities, and expertise a core of your brand, focus on problems your brands can solve. However, if you offer opportunities, explain the possibilities and opportunities you want to give the people. These two core elements help to establish a strong brand identity or a problem solver to whom people are looking.

For personal branding, start blogging on social media platforms such as LinkedIn. Speak about problems people face in respective niches and what solution you provide them. This could be an excellent example of demonstrating your expertise. Moreover, it helps expand your reach as a personal brand on social media. 

  • Build Credibility: Content and Personal Brand Stories

Today, people want information about companies, services, or products they will have. , they want to get outcomes and results, so they need experts. As a personal brand, you must build core values by sharing your thoughts, opinions, expertise, and ideas. 

If you never share anything on digital platforms, your audience never perceives you as the brand to which they trust. Remember, brands are a story, and some may have inspiring models at the core.

Each story about your journey to success and goals is inspiring. The simple rule is explained what thoughts are burning inside you. Sharing content is a prerequisite of social media marketing. But not all thoughts and stories create that hook. 

To create that pull, share valuable, informative, and high-quality content. Never duplicate any content, especially what others are telling or sharing. Try to articulate each idea and information in easy to understand manner. This is the only effective way to cater audience’s attention. Also, try to write SEO-friendly and humanized content to become a personal brand influencer. 

  • Exposure: Connections and Presence 

Once you’ve followed three pillars for branding, next is exposure and online presence. A personal brand has to maintain a significant presence online on platforms such as  Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Start publishing effective content to interact with the right audience on social media. Create a survey or conduct polls to grab the attention of the audience. Post newsletters, advertisements, and stories on social media to promote your brand. 

On the other hand, SEO is helpful to appear on the top of search engine result pages. When posting content on social media, never compromise with quality. Keep in mind, a strong, compelling content helps to build engagement. Also, ensure your content has an emotional chord that hits the beating nerves of the audience. 

Personal Brand Pillars Examples 

  • Nike Brand Pillars 

Since its establishment, Nike has continued to stick to their brand pillar. Nike has a perception of surpassing their own limits and tuff competition. Everything this company promotes, messaging, advertising, and investment decisions is about core values and personality. 

Brand pillars are an excellent way to differentiate yourself from competitors. This is not merely about manufacturing products—instead, it’s about raising a voice and views that bring value to the clientele. That’s why it has stood strong and slaying on top for ages.

  • Hilton Brand Pillars

Their brand pillars are very straightforward and listed on their website. They value integrity, hospitality, leadership, ownership, teamwork, and a sense of urgency. These pillars signify what their brand is and what their perceptions are towards themselves and their customers. 

In A Nutshell

A personal brand speaks more about pitfalls at first glance and success. This is the only way the audience feels connected with such brands. When you’ve got a purpose, a goal, expertise, and exposure, nothing can stop you from being a personal brand. 

Harness the power of the above four pillars for building a personal brand. You can build yourself as an expert with accurate implementation and guidance of these components. Moreover, it also helps to establish a strong relationship with people. So what are you waiting for? Get started!

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