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3 Web-Based Small Business Projects Where Outside Help May Be Needed

When small businesses are looking to improve their profits, they often start with projects to improve their web-based marketing and sales efforts. That’s a wise move, considering the power of web content to boost brands and help small businesses succeed. However, many of these small businesses do not have the in-house tools and resources needed to maximize the effectiveness of their web-based ventures. So if you are a small business owner who wants to improve your online content and presence for improved profits, here are some areas where you may want to consider reaching outside of your current staff to find the help you need:

Adding or Enhancing Online Content Like Videos and Audio

Having video content on your business website is a strategic move that can attract more potential customers to your small business. Forbes explains that video marketing provides the unique ability to really show off your products and services and engage customers with your overall brand.

Consumers tend to connect more when video content is used on websites and social media, and adding content can be much simpler than you think, especially when you use freelance workers to help craft those videos. You’ll also want to be sure that the finished product is of the utmost quality in terms of visuals and sound, so consider hiring freelance mixing and mastering services to polish your content.

With great video and audio in place, if you really want to reach a wide audience, you also need to consider online content accessibility with features like captioning. Adding subtitles to your website’s video files will allow visitors with hearing impairments to enjoy your content and connect with your small business. Creating these captions solo is a huge undertaking, so this is another project that is best handled through outside help.

Creating or Improving Small Business Website Design and Elements

Chances are, you already have a website for your small business. If you don’t, know that a website is critical to any digital marketing efforts for businesses of all types and sizes. Your small business website is the hub of all of those online marketing steps, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and online PR. So before you take any further steps to improve those elements of your marketing and sales plans, consider connecting with Growth Media Strategy for a professional, eye-catching site.

Upgrading Your Customer Service With New Strategies and Tools

You can have the best possible marketing in place, but if you do not have the customer service to back up those marketing efforts, AllBusiness explains that your small business could end up missing out on creating lasting profitable customer connections.

To keep customers coming back to your small business, you don’t just need basic customer service; you need outstanding customer service. When customers and shoppers feel seen and appreciated, they are more likely to remain loyal to your business, even if they can find similar offerings at a lower price elsewhere. With that in mind, think about reserving some of your project budget for customer service improvements, like omni-channel support services. These can include direct customer service, helpdesks and customer care steps that create a seamless experience for customers.

Having the right help for your web-based projects is critical to ensuring that those projects provide enough returns and profits to make them a sound investment for your small business. Plus, by hiring outside help for these projects, you can save yourself the time and headaches of figuring out more complex elements on your own. This way, you can spend more time on other projects needed to help your business thrive.

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Author: Marissa Perez,