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7 Ways to Drive High-Quality Traffic to Your Website

Your website may not be the storefront of your business like e-commerce, but it has the potential to be the biggest marketing and sales funnel for your venture. If that’s the case, why doesn’t every website always serve the purpose? Traffic!

Lack of traffic to your website can make your website spineless. There are zillions of traffic boosting tips on the internet which can be overwhelming at times. Streamlining it, this blog lists down the 7 tried and tested ways to drive traffic to your website.

1. Creating Impactful Content

Today’s smart users are looking for content in every hook and corner of the internet. If you can directly or indirectly incorporate your website details in the content they want, you’re a step ahead! Engaging with your audience through relevant, useful, and impactful content attracts consumers and converts them into leads. Following are different forms of content that you can create for your audience.
Social Media posts
News articles
Online Training sessions

2. Keyword Play

Everything boils down to how people search for things relevant to your product and services. Your keywords define what your business is all about as it shapes your marketing efforts and drives results. You can start with regularly finding short-tail and long-tail keywords for your content. Take help from tools such as Moz, Ahrefs, and SEMrush. Then, insert these keywords in your content subtly.

3. Email Marketing

The best thing about email marketing is that you can personalize it to bring relevance to your reader. Email marketing pushes high-quality traffic to your website. Additionally, sales and discount offers on the website promoted through emails can bring faster results. Here’s how your email marketing should be:

  • Create responsive email designs.
  • Tell subscribers what to expect.
  • Make sure that your email is not an ‘all sales’ email. Make it useful for them.
  • Go informal at times. Also, if you can personalize it, bang on!

4. Exchange Backlinks

Quality backlinks can be a great source of new visitors to your website. They essentially help improve ranking, which eventually drives more traffic to the website. However, don’t be random with backlinks. Instead, identify relevant and quality websites, reach out to them via email or other sources and collaborate to bring mutual benefits.

5. Go Live

Lately, there’s been a buzz around live sessions on social media and different web platforms. When you directly or indirectly market your website through live sessions, it reaches the audience faster. In addition, quick interactions and two-way communication create transparency. Needless to say, live sessions with influencers can give a huge boost to your website traffic.

6. Image Optimization

Image optimization is an underrated tool for boosting website traffic. When you optimize the images, keeping SEO standards in mind, it works wonders! A ranked image can generate as good traffic as any other source.

7. Paid Promotions

The tips mentioned above definitely work for your business if you execute them correctly. However, paid promotions can bring faster results to increase website visitors.

  • Influencer outreach: If your audience looks up to someone, collaborate with such influencers. They bring trust and credibility to your website.
  • Google ads: It’s proven time and again that google can be used to generate traffic to your website. Learn how Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Pay-Per-Impression (PPI) can help you bring traffic.
  • Social media promotion: 91% of internet users are on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Youtube. When you flash your product to the right audience through the right channel, it is surely going to give you plenty of results.
  • Press releases: PRs are a great tool to channelize your content and showcase milestones. Since they are associated with different news wires across the world, PRs carry great potential for boosting traffic.

Note- However, before you invest, consult experts and understand how paid promotions work. If your budget fits and faster results are the need of the hour, paid promotion is the way to go!

The DON’Ts while planning your growth strategy:

a. Do not create cheap backlinks or overuse web 2.0 blogs. Backlinks are indeed crucial. However, the focus should be on its quality, not just quantity.

b. Clickbait titles and irrelevant content can increase the bounce rate of your website, eventually impacting website credibility and authenticity.

c. It may be strange but, too much advertising with no value-added content could create a negative impact on the website.

d. Keyword stuffing has now become an ancient tactic that does not work for modern SEO practices. Don’t force keywords into your content with poor anchor text.

e. Today’s search engine algorithms are smart enough to identify fake reviews. It’s tempting but don’t fall for it. Instead, reach out to your customers and request them to send valuable reviews.

f. Broken backlinks affect website ranking, thereby reducing website traffic. Try to fix the issue if you have any broken backlinks.

 Wrapping Up!

Execute the right do’s and don’ts of SEO strategies, and traffic will surely increase. Always measure your website performance and keep track of strategies that are working for you. Replace strategies that are increasing bounce rate or affecting traffic. When you find the right permutation and combination of workable SEO strategies, your website can hit above the weight with the right audience. Take it ahead to create a powerful sales pipeline for conversion and reap benefits for long.

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